Blue + black = cool


Some looks cross my mind and I forget them although they’re really great – so happened with this one. Every time when I thought about what to wear that particular day I just didn’t remember this cool and in a way elegant look.

So today, finally: Coolness in black and blue!

The weather still is quite mild so that I can wear my new open toe heels by Guglielmo Rotta – they are dark blue which is very seldom. If you ever tried to find cool and sexy dark blue shoes that don’t look like your Grandma’s ones you know what I mean…

My look:
Pants by Dorothee Schumacher (I guess two years old but still very stylish)
Pure blouse (DIYs list N°17)
Velvet poncho (here in another post)
Gloves made by me (please find a short making of on my instagram)
Scarf by DvF (also quite a few years old but perfect to mix blue and black)
Heels by Guglielmo RottaIMG_3321 IMG_3319 IMG_3406 IMG_3401 IMG_3376 IMG_3370 IMG_3363 IMG_3360 IMG_3343rott