Lost in fashion


Yesterday I was in Heidelberg for a little shopping tour with my daughter and found these sweet red socks with all-over flower design. I instantly thought of my Gucci inspired bloom blouse to which I could combine them in a cute and funny way 🙂

Sometimes it is just one little detail like new socks to get inspired for new stylings and looks. This can be a scarf to build a bridge between two colors (like mine of DvF binding black and blue in a very self-evident way). Or even some sunglasses, a handbag or like in my case today simple socks! The only question is if you are encouraged enough to wear it like this – I mean the socks for example. I think it is not so challenging to take a particular bag or some glasses as you can easily get “rid of them” – opposite to socks. You will wear them until you return to your home again… But I count on you… Let’s make the world a little bit more stylish, chic and colorful all together.

Yesterday I studied my new vintage magazines to look for a suiting pattern for my gorgeous Harris Tweed. The magazines are dated between 1961 and by the end of the 70ies. And by browsing them I realized that fashion was much more “done” those days. Women wore fully fashioned cloths and much more “rules” existed when to wear what kind of cloths. On one hand this was quite a little dictate though gave more possibilities to really dress up as well – what I love to do… I miss opportunities to wear feminine and chic cloths – without being stared at. I am mostly dressed different to other people in my surrounding anyhow. But sometimes I feel a little lost indeed.

In order to this let’s turn 2016 in our year of fashion and courage! Maybe we’ll meet some day and won’t feel so lost further on 🙂

Coat: Malìparmi
Pants: Wide leg pants (not yet on the DIYs list but here in another post)
blouse: Bloom blouse (DIYs list N°2)
Belt: Prada
Heels: Guglielmo Rotta
Socks: Wigglesteps

IMG_3589 IMG_3580 IMG_3563 IMG_3554 IMG_3528 IMG_3596 IMG_3590

2 thoughts on “Lost in fashion”

  1. So true! I love your extraodinary style of today.
    Enjoy Weekend.
    Hugs & Kisses from your biggest fan

    1. Hugs and kisses back to you as well 🙂
      Have a lovely weekend as well, my dearest friend

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