Cold winter sun


Though the sun looks quite lovely it is really frosty today…

This morning I tried two new things when taking my pictures – too much to have real control… According to my husband’s advice I shot every picture with flash – I don’t like the results very much. Things don’t look natural anymore – I don’t know if I will continue like this…? Additionally I tried my new tool for my camera to shoot from a longer distance automatically. Okay, this helps a little bit to have clear pictures but you can only take one single shot and need to control after every single take… and at least this first time I needed to concentrate a lot on this tool and how to use it so that I could focus enough on me…..? Finally this was not so satisfying indeed, most of the pictures simply were trash…. 🙁

My look:
Coat: St.Emile
Blouse: My new finest woolen blouse of Tuesday
Pants: Marc Cain
Booties: A PairIMG_0233 IMG_0231 IMG_0230 IMG_0218

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