Fashion Clochard 2016


When I was about 15 to 16 years old there was this fashion trend to dress like a clochard… I clearly remember how fancy even the word for this style was and how proud we (my friends and me) were to dress like this. We were so up to date…!! The ambition was to combine as much clothes as possible by layering – most of all – different pull-over and scarves and divert for example a sweater from its intended use by taking it as a scarf on top of another one – really fancy!
It was very helpful that in the middle of the eighties knitting was such a trend in my surrounding and I was really passionate about knitting for several years 🙂 Unfortunately I didn’t keep not a single piece of those  days 🙁 though I knit very detailed pullover (regarding the pattern – slightly in the way like my Chanel inspired cardigan) and even long skirts of quite precious wool. I knit so much that I couldn’t wear everything for me (and most of all couldn’t afford all that necessary wool) but rather even knit for other people…

In order to those kind of old experiences I chose my look of today. The weather looks very nice though the temperatures are below zero so that you should dress warm enough indeed. Therefore my “Clochard”-look is purely perfect. You can wear lighter gowns one on top of another so that you finally end by an lively style, fancy and warm at the same time.

My look:
Pure blouse (DIYs list N°17)
Chain embellished sweater (DIYs list N°16)
Mustard cashmere/silk pants (DIYs list N°13)
Guido for fall jacket (DIYs list N°5)
Knit loop of Schumacher fabric
and a convenient scarf (Sorry cut the tag so that I don’t know what label it is),
cap by Seeberger
and my Catarina Martins boots – a lot of stuff 😉IMG_0364 IMG_0362 IMG_0359 IMG_0355 IMG_0353 IMG_0399 IMG_0386 IMG_0381