Accomplishment of a master piece


So – this is it: My new classic and absolutely timeless tweed dress. Exactly because of that I took a lot of time and effort to accomplish it in a way so that I can wear until I will be “old and grey” 🙂

When I browsed my vintage sewing magazines I realized that fashion those days was so much more “constructed” with a lot of fine details to make garments really special. This is why I took this pattern of a jacket from the sixties assuming especially the shoulders to be cut very feminine and tight – and they were!IMG_0409IMG_0410

Not a single one of my current magazines offered an alternative indeed! First when I bought my vintage magazines short time ago I got encouraged enough to start this tweed project (here my inspiration on Pinterest). If you know Harris Tweed you might know that this is such a great and precious material (and expensive as well) in order to this I felt a lot of pressure regarding this fabric and its future result…

Before I started I decided not to hurry in no way and rather to spend very much effort in every little detail – I even sewed such particular buttonholes (Sorry, but I don’t know the correct word for them in English) costing me hours of extra work – but totally worth it!IMG_0407IMG_0404IMG_0406

Yes, this was very much work to do and yesterday I sewed the complete day from morning until evening and today from 9 until past 2 o’clock in the afternoon. And if you count the time I spent the days before to prepare the pattern, cut the dress and cover the buttons …….-!

Just one word about changing patterns: I started with the original pattern (after having compared my measurements to the ones in the magazine – sizes were quite different in the sixties!), but at a certain point you might leave the instructions and double-check at your body how you want the garment – or dress in this particular case – to be. This is why I tightened the “jacket” at its waistline and sewed darts into its back to follow my shape. I wanted the jacket part to be slim and feminine – and of course, I wanted a dress not a jacket – so always think of what your result is supposed to become at the end.

My look is set of well known gowns like my bespoke coat, my heels and gloves – the principal part of today is played by my new dress 🙂IMG_0431IMG_0426IMG_0450IMG_0430IMG_0419IMG_0436

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