Mix of vintage


Those of you who follow me on Instagram may have wondered what I sewed of my grey fur belonging to the introduction picture of my sewing materials…

Here is the answer: I quickly prepared a little fur collar this morning:-)

Bild 102-04761

Tweed and fur seem as if they were strictly made for each other!! Combined with my sixties jacket (DIYs list N°5) and my hat my styling gets a little twenties-twist, isn’t it?

Though I normally avoid to wear garments on two following days I didn’t want to miss you to show the full expression of my tweed dress+this little fur collar – honestly I love the dress so much and am so incredibly proud of it to rather wear it a full week… 🙂

I just completed my DIYs list for those of you who sew and are interested in the patterns and the way I accomplished my garments. I would be so glad if you would give me any kind of feedback no matter if or if not having sewed something of my inspirations on your own…

Boots: Calvin Klein Collection
Hat: Malìparmi
Gloves: St.Emile IMG_0478 IMG_0477 IMG_0475 IMG_0473 IMG_0542 IMG_0482

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  1. Einfach nur bezaubernd, liebe Indra, mir fehlen die Worte…so schön ist das alles…love, Alex.

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