Dark black – light black


Though my boots still haven’t arrived yet (it also looks gorgeous with my Laurèl heels) I decided to no longer stretch your patience… and show you my black – not really innocent but rather pretty sexy – dress of this week’s sewing session.

I wasn’t convinced by it at the beginning but as longer as I wear as more I feel comfortable – !?

Yes, the truth is it is not like I intended it to be concerning the neckline being really very wide and deep so that I hardly could find the right underwear. And second it is not so properly mastered like I meanwhile am used to sew garments – at least one pocket…

I was inspired by a dress of Chloe – please have a look on my pinterest board for more details. But I wanted to have pockets  (a certain while ago I decided to sew pockets in dresses every time when the shape allows so). Indeed I found the perfect position for them though the result is not so perfect like I expected it to be. Now that I sewed so many of those particular button holes in my Harris tweed dress last week I was more than confident regarding my skills until sewing the ones of this current dress. I was completely lost in three-dimensional imagination – I don’t know what was wrong with me that day??? Finally I interrupted my work when I realized that I was totally confused and the next day when I accomplished the second pocket everything went perfectly – ??!

Combined with my leather jacket by Schumacher and my casual bag by 8 I totally love it: It is so very easy to wear just throw it and feel enchanting 🙂IMG_0826 IMG_0824 IMG_0823 IMG_0790 IMG_0832 IMG_0859 IMG_0851 IMG_0848 IMG_0845 IMG_0844 IMG_0831

2 thoughts on “Dark black – light black”

  1. Wow, wow, wow…. Gorgeous, amazing, lovely and sooooo sexy. I love it totally xox

    1. Thanks, my dear.
      I love it too, can hardly slip into something different anymore… 😉

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