That’s me

Yesterday I was at an exhibition called “That’s me” treading with the phenomenon of selfies starting from Rembrand’s self portraits until today’s ever-present selfies in the internet.

I really studied those lithographies and paintings very intensively and realized that obviously it’s a human – or at least an artist’s – desire to exhibit oneself to the world. And/or to step into another role and experiment with being someone else or appearing as if so.

In our days most of the (fashion)bloggers act exactly like this when exhibit their style and look in the internet. They experiment with changing their appearance and “try out” themselves. I also realized that – with some exceptions – most of them show themselves “beautifully”. So it seems as if to be beautiful is a human desire as well. Even the ones who show themselves non-sugarcoated certainly intend to show an inner beautiful part of themselves, contemplator are requested to find this out.
When I think of all these instagramers who show themselves to the world I detect this common issue. Some intend to shock a little bit and to provoke but I am quite sure that even these ones do have this inner desire to look good and feel beautiful.

In order to this I will continue as a “performance artist” who is playing changing parts – some days elegant, some days sexy, some days innocent, some days provocative, some days classic and some days something different 🙂
I am so glad to have these wonderful skills of sewing so that I am not limited in how far I can go…

Here comes my very special weekend greeting for you,
love, Indra
It’s me (click on the button and watch the download with your media player)

My look:
Beetle jacket (DIYs list N°21)
Dark blue shorts same pattern like my Guido pants (DIYs list N°6)
Jeans blouse by Laurèl
Boots by Guess

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