Rosewood silk dress again…


To emphasize that my post of yesterday was not about how my so much beloved rosewood silk dress was sewed I choose it for today as well to show you the difference of how I shoot pictures today and the way I blog compared to how I did it half a year ago…

This is what I meant when I said only look back to see how far you have come. When I compare the post of those days to my current ones I clearly realize my pictures looking much more professional now. I really spent a lot of effort in trying to shoot better pictures regarding the quality itself but rather the “image” as well. And obviously it was worth doing it…

Likewise my dress is and will be sewed perfectly and when I took it out of my closet I decided to sew it once more in a different color 🙂
But first I am about to accomplish a pretty insane project which I will show you during the next week…

Have a lovely weekend everybody,

DIY rosewood silk dress (its tutorial)
Wool coat (DIYs list N°18)
Shoes – you already know them – Guglielmo Rotta
Accessoires: Swarovski
Shades: Dolce and Gabbana

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