Out now +++ Finally +++ In the long run


I hereby present you my new garment, my document of insanity, my proof of individuality, my decent into madness and my resurrection:

My new (so very much) DIY knit coat!!!!

Oh, my god! This has been so incredibly much work, I still cannot believe that I have done it! Since I completed the coat I am constantly saying how glad I am to have accomplished it…

To your question why the hell did you do this…?!

I wanted to distinguish from other sewing or fashion bloggers.
Since I have visited this exhibition of Rembrandt and selfies I realized that I am rather more a performance artist than a fashion blogger. My coat is just to emphasize and document that. Who else but an artist would cut EVERY cashmere and merino sweater and cardigan he or she owns???
But this exhibition and my according experience gave me the confidence and courage to do such a really insane project. Indeed I don’t have not one single cashmere sweater left… On the contrary I now possess a garment of almost the highest level of individuality you can imagine! (You could only knit the material yourself on top…)

In order to that the pressure was extremely high to sew that coat as properly and perfectly as possible. – I am so proud of the result! Really!
Before the sweaters were just sweaters to end up thrown away some day – now they are a highly individual coat I will certainly pass on to my granddaughter ( I guess I will love to wear it too long as to pass it on to my daughter… maybe I will lend it to her on special occasions… we’ll see 😉 )

Now that I have time for different tasks again I will write a sewing diary of it as well.

But for now – enjoy the pictures – and give me your applause 😉

Under the coat I wear my revision dress ( DIYs list No.28), accessoires are my DvF bag and Malìparmi shoes.

IMG_1399 IMG_1433 IMG_1424 IMG_1423 IMG_1417 IMG_1414 IMG_1411 IMG_1403 IMG_1400

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