Martina jacket


My dear Martina, do you recognize your coat?? (Here as a coat still)
Sorry, but I transformed it into a jacket  yesterday 🙂

Due to the fact that the sleeves were simply too short for me I always thought about a better solution and it wasn’t possible to lengthen them … Very suddenly I got the idea to cut the coat and transform it into a tiny little jacket so that the sleeves’ length suit the rest of the jacket. As a jacket in this sixties style it looks more “logically” to have slightly shortened sleeves than as a coat.

I guess now I will wear it more often than before for sure 🙂

Stay flexible and be creative! Sometimes little changes can offer great opportunities to interpret old things in a fresh and new way.

My look:
Mustard cashmere pants (DIYs list N°13)
Marni experiment blouse (DIYs list N°19)
Embellished gloves (please have a look at my Instagram gallery)
Heels Guiglielmo Rotta

I wish you a very lovely weekend with your family and/or friends – enjoy your time 🙂

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  1. What a great idea! It looks also perfekt ( perhaps better) to you your trouser I’m sure you wear it often . Wish you a pleasant weekend ( ignoring the ugly weather) xox

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