Gown of the week


Et voilĂ : My new alternative jeans jacket! (The fabric is an original one by G-star bought at Anita Pavani.)

Why alternative? Because I have so many retro and vintage inspired jackets that I wanted to have something less chic and a little bit more contemporary. Though this jacket is slightly seventies inspired again… or – if you want – gypsy like 🙂

The challenge was the thick and heavy material indeed – for me and for my sewing machine as well! This is what cost a lot of extra time as I needed to correct seams and so on several times before I was satisfied with the result.

And now I have a wonderful jacket/blazer suiting almost every other clothes in my wardrobe 🙂

As you can see: I didn’t have enough buttons for the sleeves. But I didn’t want to buy new ones. So I rather attached different ones matching the style of the big ones at the front -!

My look of today is set of my baroque glittering pants (DIYs list N° 26), my bohemian blouse (DIYs list N° 29) combined with my beloved green heels by Schumacher and my shiny shades by Blumarine.IMG_1774

PS: The date for my sewing session this week was perfectly set: Yesterday we had so many snow (!!?) and today spring returned again – really crazy…
IMG_1772 IMG_1770 IMG_1760 IMG_1759 IMG_1757 IMG_1755 IMG_1752 IMG_1744 IMG_1743 IMG_1730