Fashion cow girl

My new jacket almost automatically requires such kind of Western styling…

Though my skirt offers quite a lot of insights – but wearing stockings it is not too bad… – I feel very confident with my look 🙂

This morning I already cut another sewing gown and recognized what I already feared – my right hand and especially my thumb has not yet recovered from my long durance and heavy cuttings during the last days and weeks. I am having a strange and numb feeling in it. Though I got so lovely fabrics and have so great ideas what to sew of them I guess I should take a break. Making one hour of yoga daily – it is quite a certain while that I told you that I am actually training the primary series of ashtanga; my current challenge is to succeed in doing a handstand without any help… – additionally requests a lot of strength in the hands. I really should save some power by recovering a little bit- .
…but the fabrics are so nice…!!!

My look of today is set by my Oma Franziska blouse (DIYs list N°9), the skirt of the Jil Sander project (DIYs list N°4)and my new jeans jacket of yesterday; heels and belt by Maliparmi, shades by Ferragamo.
Ah, and my brooch is DIY according to an inspiration of a young instagramer.IMG_1784 IMG_1811 IMG_1810 IMG_1801 IMG_1799