…couldn’t resist…


Yes, I know – I just wrote about my hurting hand and me needing a break and now I present you another new garment sewed completely extraordinarily this week…

I couldn’t rather resist (…yes and my hand still hurts indeed – also because I didn’t skip my yoga series as well…) to master this gorgeous fabric by Etro reminding me of a fading fresco of an Italian palazzo that I love so much. When I got the idea to infuse new life to the colors by stitching pearls, sequins and some Swarovski elements on it I truly must start instantly to see how it would become…

In my eyes it simply looks amazing! I especially attached more detail pictures so that you can gather a better impression of it. And best is that this blouse – I call it fresco blouse – is building a bridge between my dark blue collection and my camel/beige mostly Guido inspired collection of last fall.

In order to that I wear my wide leg pants (DIYs list N°)and my Guido for fall jacket (DIYs list N°) with this blouse  – combined with my beloved heels by Guiglielmo Rotta and my DvF shades.

Enjoy your slightly spring weekend – we’ll see us on Monday again.IMG_1862




IMG_1875 IMG_1864 IMG_1857 IMG_1843 IMG_1839


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