Warm Winter look


IMG_2003As fashion people you surely know that it’s really quite hard to dress stylish and chic and warm as well. But today I found a look that is both chic and warm indeed 🙂

My husband and me just dropped my car at the painter’s shop to renew the lacquer as someone scratched a long line with his key along the complete side and my sun bumped into the door with his bike at the other side – unbelievable….
So right before the weather will be nice and sunny again to drive with open roof my car will shine again and look like being new.

When we drove through that old industrial area we found that cool and destroyed entrance of a building there judging it as perfect location for my pictures today.

I hope your week was starting well and you are prepared for what will arise this week…

My look: My very much beloved Harris Tweed dress combined with some small red accessoires like my gloves by Roeckl and my belt by Prada completed with my classic coat by St.Emile;  Boots by Guess. IMG_2000 IMG_1989 IMG_1977 IMG_1962 IMG_1961IMG_2004

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