Male supported shooting


For a very special finish of this week – today I had some support of my son who was right about to work with his car when I took my pictures.

I think there is no further comment needed…

We had some fun and really enjoyed ourselves 🙂 – without any limits – even my stocking got broke…

Enjoy the pictures and have a very nice weekend everyone.


My look: My silk beetle jacket (DIYs I N°21), my new embellished fresco blouse (DIYs II N°3) and my dark blue shorts (Dark blue shorts same pattern like my Guido pants (DIYs list N°6) combined with my so comfortable boots by Billi Bi.IMG_2129 IMG_2131 IMG_2132 IMG_2134 IMG_2135 IMG_2137 IMG_2122 IMG_2125 IMG_2126 IMG_2128