Happy Monday

IMG_2377I hope you all had a nice weekend – welcome back at work…:-)

To accomplish all the ideas I am dreaming of I always prepare a to-do-list so that I see where I should focus on. Normally I stay quite close to it and am always proud when I can check every point. But yesterday I suddenly had a new idea rearranging the order on my list completely.
Ideally  I planned to sew some sweet short pants I recently found on Net-a-porter but honestly the weather is not really warm enough to wear short pants – at least not without getting cold…

On the other side I rather don’t want to sew so many warm winter gowns anymore as potentially I can wear them just very few only…
Though – do you remember one of my treasuries from Schumacher, this beige brocade fabric? I wasn’t sure what I could sew of it switching between a skirt, a jacket and now I got the idea to sew a special dress of it. Maybe the material is a little bit too stiff – we’ll see. Cross your fingers…

My elegant look of today is set of my dark blue Punto Milano dress (the pattern is a copy of a convenient dress of mine I sewed last year and therefore not on the DIYs list – but here in an older post), my dark blue wool coat (DIYs I N°18), my heels by Guglielmo Rotta and my little fur collar.
Bag: St.Emile
Sunglasses: DvFIMG_2388 IMG_2376 IMG_2360 IMG_2408 IMG_2400 IMG_2398 IMG_2396