How to take sweetness away from babyrose

IMG_2448Last week I added more life to black today I take sweetness away from babyrose…

Here it is obvious how close I stick to my planning 😉
Ideally I planned to sew a short pant, then switched to a particular dress and finally sewed another fashion sweater…

In spite of any reflections I wasn’t sure about this beige fabric to be supposed to become a dress. And due to the fact that this fabric is so special I don’t want to waste it by sewing something not being THE perfect garment. In order to that I turned back to my former to-do-list and chose something I was sure about: My new fashion sweater in one of my favorite fading lilac-grey shades called mauve (strictly love it for its romantic mood).

Though I wasn’t defined about every detail I started and work developed while sewing. When I was almost done I got the idea to include these gorgeous glittering balls so that those threads look more “logical”…

Another one of my older cloths has been cut for this sweater… I always loved the color of this shirt though never liked its shape…

Now I am having a perfect gown to combine with my Guido Maria Kretschmer pants while shifting it to a much cooler and less sweet style – and my new grey heels by Marc Ellis can be applied as well 😉

So my look is set of my Guido pants (here you can read the making of)
my new fashion sweater (the pattern is a copy of one of my knit sweater I cut for my insanity coat – if I have cut it totally I rather was clever enough to quickly copy the pattern…)
my heels by Marc Ellis and my sunglasses by Dolce and Gabbana.IMG_2420 IMG_2415 IMG_2444 IMG_2438 IMG_2435 IMG_2426 IMG_2422

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