Introducing my little weekend gimmick

IMG_2627I am looking for any kind of inspiration almost constantly by browsing particular fashion shops for example. Short time ago I came across this beautiful and cool leather necklace by Schumacher. I instantly fell in love with it and knew I needed to create something similar myself …

So I searched for the neccessary material to do this. The most crucial piece was this leather bond. It had to be one without open edges, means not just simply cut. And in fact after hours of searching I found this perfect one in a shop on amazon (I will provide you more details in a separate post soon). The next were those glittering crystals and pearls but they are more replaceable by similar ones than used for the original.

After all my materials had been delivered on Saturday I couldn’t wait to accomplishe the necklace – and a matching bracelet as well – yesterday 🙂

It looks very similar to the original one by Schumacher – and I am really quite proud on the result…

In order to that I chose my look of today so that I could wear my new treasuries most effectively with my yellow chakra support blouse, my silk beetle jacket (DIYs I N°21) and a pant by Schumacher. Heels by Salvador Ribes, clutch too old to remember 😉IMG_2624IMG_2605 IMG_2620 IMG_2618 IMG_2613 IMG_2637 IMG_2631 IMG_2630

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