How to make an embellished leather necklace

How to make an embellished leather necklace and so on


IMG_2605Maybe some of you fell in love with this cute and cool fashion gimmick like I did at first sight…

This little instruction is for you:

First you need a soft leather stripe with both edges folded properly. I found mine at a shop on amazon. I chose 2 meters of this middle sized one in black (here in beige) as this was the only one with both edges folded. If you order 2 times 1 meter the ribbon will be delivered as one large strip (perfect!!!). To be very sure you could write a note to the seller additionally.


Then you need a lot of glittering stuff like pearls and crystals in different sizes and slightly different colors. I also found some on amazon but I didn’t want to pay delivering costs for every single pearl… In order to that I found another shop called everglaze24 where I bought most of the pearls and crystals. To be sure to have enough of those little filling crystals I bought some more at our local crafts store. Regarding the size, it is best not to take too large elements. 0,8cm max. width is enough. On bracelet N°2 you can see how it looks to take pearls of a size of 1cm, the one in the middle, – I think for the necklace it is too large. Please double-check if the hole in the pearls are wide enough for a needle. Some of my tiny little pearls I wanted to stitch on my beyond patience blouse were to tight and I couldn’t use them.


Before everything was delivered I constantly thought about how to attach these pearls and crystals on the leather. I estimated it to be to stiff and thick to stitch it directly with a normal needle – but it wasn’t. It was a little bit difficult but went much better than I expected it. And the thread at the back doesn’t disturb at all 🙂
Additionally I took a little tool for those cases when the needle stuck in the material but the challenge was quite doable.


The next is to arrange every of your pearls and crystals regularly so that both endings of the ribbon look almost the same. I compared it to the original one on the website of Schumacher to have a kind of instruction. That’s it!

These detail pictures will give you a better impression of how to arrange the elements and how much are needed of them:

The necklace
Bracelet N°1
Bracelt N°2
Bracelet N°2 from above

Have fun making and especially wearing them!with love

PS: Don’t forget to ask for international shipping.