Hanging out at the bus stop…


Today I tried to create a look of garments I already accomplished in the colors of my future sewing projects… ? I so much love those fading colors of my new fabrics (I found some more in my portfolio on top) that I really wanted to dress like this as close as possible with my DIYs only.

So I “found” this look of my glittering pencil skirt and my pretty new sweater in mauve and grey combined with some cute details.
My husband has some holidays during Easter and usually I don’t sew on those rare days when he’s at home – but I hardly can hold me back from starting to sew all these amazing ideas cruising in my mind since I bought those fabrics…

Today I wear
my glittering pencil skirt (DIYs I N°27)
my fashion sweater (not yet on the DIYs list, but here in another post)
pretty old booties by Schumacher
my DvF sunglasses
and some glittering fashion socks which I forgot to memorize the label of before I cut all tags – sorry 🙁

I wish everyone of you some lovely holidays – Happy Easter 🙂

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