Beyond patience blouse for Easter lunch


Shortly before we are about to leave to have lunch with our whole family I took some pictures to show you my according look. In my opinion my styling and also my pictures today look pretty relaxed and calm. Some of them I really like because – like I think – I am captured quite close to how I want to appear 🙂

Wearing my intensively embellished blouse I want to encourage you to spent some effort and energy to personalize some of your clothes like this as well. Even when you don’t know how to sew or you don’t have the time it is totally worth to add some pearls, crystals or sequins even to convenient garments. I can definitely say that this blouse enlarged my attitude of how much time and effort one should invest in DIY clothes… the maximum you can do/afford!
If you look at my “It’s a boy” sweater (DIYs II N°5) being a very simple sweater embellished with some decorating elements only, is now looking so precious and fashionable.

As you might know, short time ago I bought some vintage sewing magazines and I am so surprised how detailed patterns were especially in the sixties. Also stitchings and embellishments were a very common part of the garments in those magazines. Honestly I am very impressed what was required by hobby tailors of those days…

Today I wear
my mustard cashmere pants (DIYs I N°13)
my beyond patience blouse (DIYs I N°7)
my dark blue wool coat (DIYs I N°18)
and heels by Guglielmo RottaIMG_2863 IMG_2859 IMG_2855 IMG_2851 IMG_2881 IMG_2870 IMG_2866