Embellished fresco blouse with new cover coat


This is why I urgently wanted to sew such a coat: It is strictly perfect for our current weather and this shade of grey is suiting almost every look…

Though I was a bit angry about the pattern of that coat I like it anyhow. I sewed this coat two times already but quite some time ago: My Malene Birger inspired coat and my semi couture coat are both cut according this pattern. I knew that the pattern was pretty oversize though I forgot that the pockets are placed much too low. I can hardly reach them with my finger tips… So I thought about closing the current ones and sew new ones on a higher position. But this would have required more seams and these particular pocket like I sewed in my wool coat as well. And this coat is supposed to be just very clean and cool without any kind of decoration or so. Therefore I will leave it like it is  – temporarily…

My look of today is set by
my embellished fresco blouse (DIYs II N°3)
my Guido for fall pants (DIYs I N°6)
my new cover coat (DIYs II N°6)
heels by Schumacher
and my DvF shades IMG_3032 IMG_3025 IMG_3014 IMG_3070 IMG_3058 IMG_3045 IMG_3041 IMG_3038

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