Embellished fashion gimmick

Another Schumacher inspired fashion gimmickIMG_3080

I must admit actually Schumacher is having incredibly gorgeous little fashion gimmicks in the current collection – I can hardly stop imitating them indeed:-)

After accomplishing another leather necklace in light beige embellished with mauve and grey elements (I will show you on occasion during the next days) I prepared this little collar yesterday  totally embellished with pearls and crystals – strictly beautiful.

Therefore you need the upper part of a collar. Iron a very strong support fleece on it and sew all the seams while attaching a ribbon or something to bind it later. Leave a little part open to turn the collar the right side out and close that seam as well. Then stitch as many pearls and crystals on as you like. I also sewed a little hook and eye closure at its center front to do it up. The edges of the ribbon are also covered by the fabric of the collar – just for decorative purposes…

Make it, wear it and enjoy it 🙂 IMG_3080 IMG_3079 IMG_3075 IMG_3074 IMG_3086