Hello Janine D….


…I don’t know when you grew up and which advertising spots you have seen on TV or which advertising song you remember – but I instantly thought of this particular spot of the Eighties for a perfume called Janine D. (indeed, I really used this 🙂 having been a perfect for ordinary days…)

Yesterday I started my shiny and very elegant mauve silk blouse I accomplished this morning. And I must say: This is the best result I ever reached, honestly! I am so proud of it. This slippery stretching silk fabric is so challenging but I guess I rocked it!
This morning I accomplished the sleeve edges and here it is:IMG_3088 IMG_3091 IMG_3089

The rest of my look is composed by
my baroque glittering pants (DIYs I N°26)
my new cover coat (DIYs II N°6)
my new embellished collaand my sexy heels by Marc Ellis ( here you are an extra picture for those of you who want to see them more clearly)IMG_3126
and my light blue bag by OONA Berlin being a part of my orange light blue project of last summer.
shades by DvF

Have a sunny and enjoying weekend,

IMG_3118 IMG_3117 IMG_3116 IMG_3115 IMG_3111 IMG_3098 IMG_3093IMG_3144IMG_3143IMG_3136IMG_3134IMG_3129