Soaking the sun in my new lace pants


So here it is the third piece of my last fabric haul in Karlsruhe – Tatta!

My lace pants inspired by Dorothee Schumacher. Since I first saw them I knew I need such pants very urgently… Ideally I am no lace type. Most of the laces just remind me to a kind of curtain – but this particular one (in German it is called Spachtelspitze, sorry for not knowing the word for it in English) is one of the rare ones I really love.

On instagram you can find some Russian shop (e.g. this one or this) selling similar and gorgeous laces – in case you should want to sew such pants too 🙂

First I planned to make these last three pieces a look (coat, blouse and my new lace pants). But when I was done with the pants I instantly thought of my Gucci inspired bloom (DIYs I N° 2) blouse and I totally love it 🙂

The rest of my look:
Heels (couldn’t live without them anymore…) by Marc Ellis
Sunglasses FerragamoIMG_3258 IMG_3254 IMG_3251 IMG_3247 IMG_3245 IMG_3244 IMG_3281