No, you’re never gonna get it…

IMG_3345Do you know what is best when I first need to drive a little to get to a good shooting location? I always listen to my most favorite songs in my car. Mostly I almost scream of singing the songs along… Other people must think I am crazy – but who cares. I really enjoy myself!

Today I listened to this great song of Vogue Never gonna get it. This is such a great song – I love it. Can’t hardly stop myself from dancing in my car instead of driving…

Back to my clothes: To prevent myself from getting the next cold (I feel much better today. The only exception is my totally blocked nose – so eating is still a little challenging because every bite is a fight against death by asphyxiation 😉 ) I sewed this little wrap cardigan yesterday to add something warm and cozy though anyhow stylish to my new garments. And this is so much better without freezing!

So take care for you and enjoy your weekend everyone.

My look:
My new blouse in my favorite mauve shade (next week I will complete the DIYs list by the new gowns – I sew faster than I am able to update this list…),
my mustard cashmere pants (DIYs I N° 13),
my new leather necklace in beige (here is the same in black),
my insanity coat (DIYs II N°1)
and what would I do without them: my matching almost everything heels by Marc Ellis. IMG_3333 IMG_3330 IMG_3325 IMG_3320 IMG_3315 IMG_3303