New sixties jacket/coat

IMG_3442Alternatively to my grey cover coat (DIYs II N°12) I wanted to have another jacket or coat matching the style and colors of my new spring collection in shades of mauve, aubergine and brownish grey. Ideally I looked for a kind of trench coat but then I found this “middle thing” between jacket and coat in one of my old original sewing magazines from the sixties. I could use it almost like it was, just shortened the sleeves and the length of it to turn it into something more stylish and up to date. Unfortunately I had too little fabric to sew a matching belt because ideally the fabric I used was planned to sew some big cushions for my sons room… well, things can change… But honestly, maybe the jacket looks even more stylish with the leather belt I am wearing today.

By the way, I think this look could also be worn for business as well – be bold …

DIY look of today:
lace pants (DIYs II N°9)
mauve wet shimmering silk blouse (DIYs II N°10)
new jacket of 1962 (DIYs II N°11)
embellished collar 
completed by heels by La Peptide, belt by Pepe and bag by TSD12

Today I tried to lay my make up in shades of aubergine like Dominique Sachse explained in her video.

IMG_3393 IMG_3377 IMG_3475 IMG_3432 IMG_3412IMG_3399 IMG_3408