Skirt in a rush

IMG_3531I wasn’t sure about to show you my skirt I was sewing in a rush this morning… I am not 100% confident about it. But the more I wear it and look at the pictures the more I like it indeed.

Some of you may remember the color… yes! Right, it is/was my making me dancing dress. You know I threw the pattern away after I had used it a second time to sew my formally known as curtain dress due to it. So you might assume that I rather wore it but without being very satisfied with it. The fitting was – let’s say – under optimum…

But anyhow – now it is a skirt 🙂 – And don’t take it to severe… it is just a kind of fashion gimmick: cute and fancy. (Maybe I will change the upper end….?) But for today it is totally awesome 🙂

My DIYs of the day:
Pure blouse (DIYs I N°17)
New skirt in a rush
Cover coat (DIYs II N°6)

accomplished by my beloved heels by Guilielmo Rotta, bag by St.Emile and sunglasses by DvF.IMG_3530IMG_3529IMG_3501IMG_3500IMG_3498IMG_3493IMG_3490IMG_3482IMG_3481IMG_3566IMG_3565IMG_3532