Experimental shooting

IMG_3646Today I took my pictures in my Granddad’s old garage again – to be more precise: under the roof. I like the atmosphere so much in that old place. Everything is full of old memories and stories – a little bit scary though very beautiful at the same time.

Probably I was quite a bit too concentrated on the light and the camera so that I am looking quite severe and angry but I wasn’t at all – honestly!

Enjoy the pictures and my little trip into my past 🙂

My DIYs look of today:
Marni experiment blouse (DIYs I N°19)
Wide leg pants (DIYs I N° 24)
Jacket of 1962 (DIYs II N° 11)
and my embellished collar

combined with my heels by Guglielmo Rotta, Bag by TSD12 and some cute little socks which I don’t know the brand of…

I wish you a very nice and relaxing weekend, see you on Monday again,
Indra IMG_3642 IMG_3633 IMG_3615 IMG_3603 IMG_3592 IMG_3586 IMG_3651