Slight little change – different look

IMG_3704Today is the first day I can say I am healthy again – honestly I was nursing whatever during the last two weeks without being completely sick though without being really healthy indeed…

So – yippee – today I feel much better! – and quickly prepared this little collar to integrate some more colors into my spring collection of mauve, aubergine, rose and silver shades. I just took some light blue silk (I cut another piece of my own…this time it was this blouse I wasn’t confident about it anymore…) and a small piece of lace and sewed this collar 🙂

If you browse my website you will find almost the same look but just with a different blouse here – with my beloved yellow chakra support blouse and my new lace collar it looks quite a bit more sporty and less elegant. Small changes – different appearance 🙂

My DIYs look of today
my cover coat (DIYs II N°6)
my yellow chakra support blouse (its tutorial here)
my baroque glittering pants (DIYs I N°26
and my new lace collar of today

completed by my heels by Marc Ellis, my Daligramme bag and my Dolce and Gabbana sunglassesIMG_3707 IMG_3691 IMG_3680 IMG_3778IMG_3751IMG_3734IMG_3750IMG_3712IMG_3707IMG_3688IMG_3670