Very me blouse

IMG_3857When I finished this blouse yesterday I tried a few looks and experimented a little bit with different pants, skirts and coats of my wardrobe. Wow – this blouse matches almost everything! And while wearing it and getting used to this new garment I realized that it is very me in a particular way: It is sporty and casual though elegant in the same way and slightly bohemian as well – like me 🙂

I tried a few new sewing techniques I will show you in a separate post occasionally this week: So it is the special button line, the extremely wide sleeves and so on…

What was best with this blouse was the fact that the fabric is no silk (!?) – yes, I used a different material this time… viscose. It is quite a bit relaxing to sew less challenging materials…automatically things go so well 😉
By the way the blue parts are made of the rest of my blouse I already cut for the lace collar I made on Monday… Now it is completely blended into two new fashion gowns… 🙂

My DIYs look of today
Guido pants (making of here)
Jacket of 1962 (DIYs II N°11)
my new “very me” blouse (will put it on the DIYs list as soon as possible)
leather necklace – that’s it!

Acessoires are my D&G sunglasses, heels by Laurèl and my bag by OONA Berlin.IMG_3825 IMG_3812 IMG_3802 IMG_3880 IMG_3869 IMG_3867 IMG_3855 IMG_3851 IMG_3850 IMG_3848 IMG_3847 IMG_3836