New look – new hairstyle

IMG_3896This was really a very good idea and an amazing inspiration by Dominique Sachse (my new youtube counselor ;-)…) to cut my hair shorter. I love my new look as it looks cool and sweet too.

Opposite to what I used to say regarding my hair and getting colored… I set some low lights today. Means I got darker highlight than my natural tone. So some of my grey are covered and it still looks quite natural. (I shared some snap shots on facebook of my date at the saloon…)

I can highly recommend to look for a similar type of woman, compare how she styles her hair or make up or whatever and take some inspiration out of her or mimic her. This is what I mostly do when I try something new – and was quite happy like this so far.

My DIYs look of today
my glittering pencil skirt (DIYs I N°27)
my last try lilac blouse (DIYs I N°15)
and my leather necklace

paired with my leather jacket by Schumacher, my heels by Guess, my sunglasses by DvF and my bag by OONA Berlin.IMG_3988 IMG_3958 IMG_3956 IMG_3895 IMG_3891 IMG_4013 IMG_4008IMG_3933

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