My favorite little black dress

After having burned my skin for the first time already this year…hoping spring would have been settled here constantly, the weather has completely changed today to a cold, wet and naughty version. So my favorite little black dress “must” be applied again today 🙂

I was just making some goofiness in my living room as I definitely will not go outdoor today – think of my poor hair and all the effort I needlessly would have spent…

I either skipped my to-do list as it would be wasted time to sew shorts and sleeveless blouses next week at 10°C and rain. I wouldn’t yet be able to wear this anyhow…

So please enjoy a few impressions of my home again and make the best what’s possible of this weekend (in case your weather conditions are the same like mine here – and be glad if not!).

Have a nice weekend,

My DIYs look of today is simply set of my Chloe inspired dress (DIYs I N° 31) and my embellished leather necklace – boots by Guess, accessoires by Swarovski and that’s it!IMG_4061 IMG_4033 IMG_4031IMG_4038IMG_4051