Dark blue and mauve – also stylish

IMG_4087Monday – and business as usual again:

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are fit and ready for a new week.
Unfortunately the temperatures lowered down again – below 10°C!!!! – I am supposed to be creative in setting a look-alike-spring look of mostly winter gowns… anyhow it was too cold for barefoot again….. 😉
But let me share some different experiences with you most women are highly interested in: Diet (oh, not again!!!…???)
Some of you might have recognized that I lost quite a good amount of weight since last summer – yeah!
I changed some of my habits like starting with ashtanga yoga (…) which is so much difficult in the beginning – and later as well… – burning a lot of energy and restricted my calories to 1200kcal per day. But not enough, I strictly focused on a high protein, low fat and low carbs nutrition as well. After I got used to it I could manage it very well – created very yummie meals and realized a constant progress. I lost fat while gaining muscles -exactly what my intention was.
On Christmas I skipped this strict limits to a mode that was at 1500kcal …. and a lot of cheat days – honestly.
I also had some cheat days during the months before as well though still being able to stay true to my initial setting. But after Christmas those cheat days constantly increased and I was afraid to gain weight again so that I limited my calories to 1000kcal between these 2800kcal days – so weird!!!
I didn’t really feel good in that time. So I decided I needed to find a better solution – and came across this hCG diet. (What my friend is offering with true hormones in her medical practice.)
But I knew that there was a wayto do it with homoeopathic drops instead of hormones but with all good benefits like no feelings of hunger, still being fit and powerful while exclusively loosing fat especially parts which normally are very hard to get rid of like at the arms, butt, legs and so on. While eating 500kcal per day only!
The biggest benefit in my eyes is that there is a kind of reset in the brain which prevents from gaining weight again and from constantly having this hunger attacks anymore – which was the main reason why I started it.
I don’t want to lose so much weight anymore because I would no more fit into my beloved clothes I spent so much time in making them …unacceptable:-)
Now I passed my first week, already lost a lot of fat – especially at my arms, my belly and my legs – incredible! – but honestly I do suffer from being hungry and feel quite weak anyhow 🙁
But I will continue to hopefully “earn”  this benefit of a reset in my brain (what takes three weeks) to be able to turn back to ordinary eating habits and 1800kcal per day which are necessary for me to keep my weight…

Ladies, I will keep you informed about my former experiences.

– now back to my DIYs look of the day
lace pants (DIYs II N°9)
pure blouse (DIYs I N°17)
wool coat (DIYs I N°18)
lace collar (similar to this one)
leather necklace

completed by my heels by Guglielmo Rotta.IMG_4086IMG_4083IMG_4079IMG_4106IMG_4105IMG_4093IMG_4091