Last DIY of April – slightly couture pants

IMG_4147My goodness! Today it was really challenging to shoot my pictures. This stormy weather was an interesting experience…

As you see, I sewed another amazing fashion gown yesterday: My new pants – I call them slightly couture pants. They’re very elegant and though shimmering still “clean” which emphasizes their couture mood. When I finished it yesterday I wore them immediately to do some grocery shopping – first felt comfortable but then I decided to tighten its waist this morning. It is a high waist model and normally it is not necessary to cut the waistband in a bow. But in my case the fitting wasn’t like I meanwhile expect it to be…well, this is the disadvantage of perfection…
In order to that I removed the former waistband again and revised it completely so that it is recognizable that these pants are tailored especially for my 🙂

Today we are having 7°C and a very cold and stormy wind, the next two pieces on my to-do list would have been a short pant and a sleeveless blouse…
Due to my plans I wanted to make a sewing break in May – and I will (I really need it, my last sewing break was in August last year and since then I sewed about 60 pieces including these small gimmicks…). I will sew those two summer gowns in June when the temperatures will hopefully be accordingly.

My DIYs look of the day:
Jacket of 1962 (DIYs II N°11)
Mauve wet shimmering silk blouse (DIYs II N°10)
Wrap cardigan (will be on the list asap)
my new slightly couture pants (will be on the list asap)
leather necklace 

added my light blue bag by OONA Berlin and my heels by Marc Ellis.IMG_4141 IMG_4138 IMG_4134 IMG_4121 IMG_4180 IMG_4174 IMG_4153 IMG_4146 IMG_4142