Very casual Thursday…waiting for summer

IMG_4202Last year by the end of April the weather was extraordinary hot that I sewed some of my first summer gowns like my rosewood silk dress (!!!) and my semicouture dress and coat – and could instantly wear them!
But I am about to wait for better conditions instead…as this year it is quite opposite: It doesn’t stop raining except a few moments a day… and the temperatures currently don’t cross 10°C.

Though I have checked all my DIYs and shoes yesterday and tried a lot of new and lovely looks (I can hardly wait to wear them in real), I decided to take a simple blue jeans and my rubber boots (yes, I do own these things – really ;-))

Next week my daughter is going to celebrate her 18th birthday – a very big deal! – and planned to make an outdoor party. Hopefully the weather will have changed until then!

My DIYs look of the day is told very quickly today:
My mauve fashion sweater (DIYs II N°8)

accompanied by some jeans by Liu Jo and my boots by Les très jolies.IMG_4206 IMG_4204 IMG_4201 IMG_4196 IMG_4185 IMG_4208