Your imagination is requested

IMG_4283– unfortunately I forgot my little remote control for my camera … 🙁 So the thing is that the surrounding is crystal clear but I am blurred… If you look at the tree for example you can see what I mean.

But most of the garments have already appeared in my last posts so that you are just about to discover this combination of mauve and soft olive with grey/silver – one of my favorite looks so far 🙂

My huge oversize sweater is no DIY – I bought it in Hyères in the South of France and it is by Ichi. I love it because it feels like wearing a tent where you can easily slip into completely… and I love its charming back.

Based on my post of yesterday I am about to reorganize my two closets today. There must be some changes so that I can see my clothes directly and am able to keep an order that is more logical. No matter – everything will be better than the solution of now…

MY DIYs look of today
my most recent slightly couture pants (updating my DIYs list will be right the next point on my to-do list after having done my closet – promised!)
my mauve wet glittering silk blouse (DIYs II N°10)
and my embellished collar

completed by my oversize sweater by Ichi, my bag by TSD12, my sunglasses by DvF and my ever-present heels by Marc Ellis (though their height is really advanced…Yesterday I watched “Let’s dance” in TV and thought about buying some dancing shoes on occasion?! They look very comfortable and flexible some of the seaming to be quite nice models as well…)

Enjoy your weekend, you lovely ones
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