Bright sunshine for a casual start into this week

So lovely this weather today 🙂 and I didn’t forget my remote control this time…

Today I am in the mood for this casual elegant look – very easy to wear and comfortable, making me instantly feeling great 🙂 I hope you had a nice weekend and your week is about to start exactly as nice and lovely like mine.

Our weekend instead was quite busy especially my husband’s one. After my last week’s experience with my “below optimum” two closets I asked him to lighten up one of my closets and to fix some things so that it is easier for me to keep my clothes. He not just did – he made it perfectly 🙂 !!
When I will find the time I will prepare a short video for you to sneak into it.

I am so lucky: This week is the first week of my sewing break this month – Yeah! So, hopefully I will have some more time to do all those things I was forwarding since eternities…

My DIYs look of the day:
Fresco blouse (DIYs II N°3)
Skirt in a rush (not yet on the list …)
Alternative jeans jacket (DIYs II N°2)

accomplished by my new heels by Gaudi (I found them on Bestsecret for 49€ – completely leather, perfectly mastered !?!), my bag by Lancel and my shades by DvF.IMG_4439 IMG_4435 IMG_4421 IMG_4394 IMG_4462