Caught the train…

IMG_4947Every time when I shoot my pictures at that place under the bridge with the railway crossing behind me I am hoping to catch the train one day… and today I succeeded!!

My remote control is helping very much for this though I have got the impression that something is going wrong with it as the pictures look pretty blurred..? I am really no specialist in photographing, sorry 🙁 I rather prefer to revise the shots afterwards on my notebook at home… or just simply sew 😉

Though I intend to keep my sewing interruption in May I already started to revise my fabrics, ordered some samples and arranged a lot of things on my sewing table – just in case of something to happen -!

I very much like my DIYs look of the day
Slightly couture pants (DIYs II N°13)
Pure blouse (DIYs I N°17)
Beetle jacket (DIYs I N°21)
Embellished collar

and some additional gowns like my rose heels by La Peptide and my bag by OONA Berlin.IMG_4914 IMG_4910 IMG_4903 IMG_4901 IMG_4895 IMG_4890 IMG_4940 IMG_4939 IMG_4932 IMG_4921IMG_4889