Dark blue silver – very best friends…

IMG_4991Today I chose a casual look with – seldom worn – flats. Now that I shaped so much I feel much more confident in wearing flats not having this desire and need to take high heels to make my legs look leaner…

With my look of the day you see that my beetle jacket either is about to appear very elegant with my look of Thursday of my slightly couture pants and silk blouse but combined with a shirt and cool and edgy pants also looks a kind of avant-garde too. This is really one of my favorite gowns indeed. Especially because it is so light weight you rather recognize while wearing it.

In order to this check your wardrobe and try some new and fresh maybe inconvenient looks during this weekend. Don’t take yourself so severe – play with your style and looks and who knows, potentially you will discover new sites of yourself…

I wish you a wonderful and pleasant weekend – enjoy it!

My DIYs look of the day
Beetle jacket (DIYs I N°21)
Wide leg pants (DIYs I N°24)
Some of my leather gimmicks 

guided by a shirt by Schumacher and flats by Pierre Darré.

Here you can see my make up a little better. I tried this terracotta look Dominique Sachse is recommending in one of her tutorials.

IMG_4994 IMG_4992 IMG_4968 IMG_4960 IMG_5011 IMG_5010 IMG_5004