#1 – Start of a new series

IMG_5083Opposite of what I intended to do in May – making a sewing break – I started a small series of some embellished basic shirts. Ideally I expected the weather to be nice and sunny to relax while sitting in the garden and reading a good book – though it isn’t like that at all. Today is a little exception with some few sunny moments but our current temperatures and weather conditions are really not supposed to be enjoyed sitting in the garden…

This is why I am publishing my post quite late because I sewed shirt #2 this morning. The one I wear today is #1 accomplished yesterday. So after having done my post I will embellish the one of today with pearls and crystals again.

Here you can see the sequins and crystals more detailed…

This is really a very easy way to add some “value” to your garments. If you don’t know how to sew it is possible to have a similar shirt anyhow. Just buy one and stitch whatever you like on it. It is not a question of ability but rather more of diligence…;-)

My DIYs look of the day
Embellished basic shirt #1 (grey silk jersey embellished with sequins and crystals) (DIYs II N°17)
Guido pants for fall (DIYs I N°6)
Chanel inspired cardigan (here the story and here the tutorial)
Embellished leather bracelet

plus my sandals by French Connection, sunglasses by DvF and bag by 8. IMG_5098 IMG_5123 IMG_5135 IMG_5148 IMG_5158 IMG_5060 IMG_5061 IMG_5064 IMG_5070IMG_5073