#2 – Black embellished basic shirt

IMG_5210You won’t believe but I bought something to wear…
In fact I didn’t fit in my eighties inspired jeans I really loved to wear last summer being so light weight and cool so that I ordered them once again – 2 sizes smaller than before!!! Can you believe that? I almost couldn’t… (Here you can compare how I looked a year ago – I am so proud, honestly!)

I was afraid not to fit in jeans without having this perfect jeans shape but now I am really curious about buying one of those skinny samples combined with one of my silk blouses – well, we’ll see, maybe next time when I am in the city…

As I told you, yesterday I sewed this second shirt – this time in black and with an o-neck being a little bit more tight. I embellished it similar to my “It’s a boy” sweater changing the side where most of the pearls are attached as always disturbing with the security belt in the car. So, you see, another advantage of making your clothes yourself 😉

I must say I am totally addicted to this silk jersey. It is extremely soft and tender – though a little challenge in mastering it – it feels like a second skin just caressing. I love it! – ah, by the way I bought it here 🙂 – and had a very lovely contact with its owner Martina Haagen.

My look of the day is quickly told
New embellished basic shirt #2 (DIYs II N°17)
embellished leather bracelets

my boyfriend jeans by Laurèl and heels by Salvador Ribes.

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