#3 – Serenity

IMG_5322Do you still remember the colors of this year? Rose quartz  and Serenity? When I finished my shirt yesterday I instantly thought of this color combination. The color of this shirt is 100% Serenity, this lilac grayish light blue. I am totally in love with it.

In the middle of the eighties there was also a time when pastels and ice cream colors were very much up to date. I remember that my mom sewed a little collection of garments in rose, vanilla, turquoise and light blue for me. And I remember some very stylish shoes in turquoise I possess those day – really cool! Everybody was jealous on me 🙂
And today I still love these soft ice colors very much. So I couldn’t resist to combine my Guido pants in Rose quartz to my new shirt in Serenity…

( – one last thing about my weight loss here… I urgently need to buy new bras now! Most of my old ones simply look ridiculous – as if a little girl would try her mom’s bras to feel more adult :-))

Have a very nice weekend and enjoy your time,

My DIYs look of the day:
Guido pants
Embellished basic shirt #3 Serenity (DIYs II N°17)

guided by my heels by Les Peptide and my totally matching bag (its lining is in Rose quartz…) by Oona Berlin, accessoires Swarovski. IMG_5288 IMG_5280 IMG_5277 IMG_5276 IMG_5271 IMG_5306 IMG_5305 IMG_5299 IMG_5295