Good old friend of last September…

IMG_5437– my Jil Sander project!

This night I couldn’t sleep well – drunk too much Coke light yesterday evening… – and so I thought about everything I normally don’t have the time during the day: For example, to go to the theater next week where a ballet week will take place and Romeo and Julia as opera will be given and so on – needless to say – and I thought about what to wear then :-), how I could tighten my New Year’s Eve dress, what dress I could sew for the ballet and much more.
– Have been about three hours without sleeping tonight…
And suddenly I remembered my Jil Sander outfit – strictly perfect for our current weather. Thanks god – it was not too loose as I already tightened it last year, so now I just moved the button and this little hook at the inside – done!

It is really a very impressive look! When I did my grocery shopping after having shot my pictures I gained so many admiring glances – especially from women. And this is a true compliment because women only admire other women when they are really looking good 🙂

DIYs look of the day hereby is
my Jil Sander look – here you can read the making of
and my lace collar (here a similar one with embellishments) – looks really perfect together – still love this look!

My heels are by Schumacher, bag by OONA Berlin.IMG_5433 IMG_5451 IMG_5452 IMG_5455 IMG_5458 IMG_5464 IMG_5480