Azur feeling at home

IMG_5504FINALLY!!! Summer has come…

I was so much waiting for a day like today where I could sit in the garden, browse my magazines, write down some ideas and just chill…

Do you also have such a place in your house or garden where you are about to totally relax? I enjoy such moments indeed! I rather bought a book I started reading inside the house though it is never the same than at my favorite place outside – unfortunately i don’t like the book very much, it is “The Hotel New Hampshire” by John Irving. i supposed it to be great for a summer lecture but  the story isn’t my style at all. It is more like a contextless sequence of episodes than a developing story.
So I reclaimed on my fashion magazines – always a good decision…;-)

Actually I am getting a bit “frustrated” because I am having so much ideas though never will have the time and energy to sew them all – weird, isn’t it?!
I ordered some new fabrics to sew a little summer collection I will provide the making of to you. Means I will show you how I create a small collection of similar matching pieces step by step. Because this is what I love the most with sewing: To create a little collection of which everything can be worn together but also accomplishing your existing garments.

Now I will get back to my deckchair, drink some coffee and simply enjoy life today – so great!

My DIYs look of the day is simply consisting of my Missoni inspired blue waves dress, slightly more than nothing 🙂 (here in my first post and here the tutorial of a shirt due to this my dress is made)

Bikini by Pain de sucre, sandals by Les Tropeziennes (perfectly d’accord with my title of today). IMG_5541 IMG_5576 IMG_5488 IMG_5490 IMG_5495 IMG_5496 IMG_5497 IMG_5501 IMG_5506 IMG_5512 IMG_5517

Best wishes from my cat as well :-)