How to sew a little collection – Part I

As you might have seen I mostly sew little collections of four to six garments which can effectively be combined one with another – and with my existing garments as well for sure (for example my dark blue collection of last winter):

Shorts, silk blouse and poncho,
wide leg pants and popeline blouse,
coat with the shorts and the silk blouse again
and wool sweater and jacket

Therefore I normally start with some research of models among the designers I can very much relate to and identify with their fashion style – like Dorothee Schumacher, Ermanno Scervino, Marni to mention a few. Then I look for fabrics to suit those drafts in the way I like it.

This is indeed pretty time-consuming. Some of you who love sewing as their hobby won’t have enough time and energy to sew a complete collection – what requires to do it in relatively short time so that you really can enjoy the benefits of having a collection. For you this might be more doable just to sew single but outstanding pieces instead.

If you intend to sew a collection I would recommend to start with one look you very much love while adding some more pieces around it:

Ermanno Scervino S15

I don’t remember anymore when I saved this picture of a white shorts look on pinterest – and by the way: if you are on pinterest this is the perfect tool for collecting ideas and puzzling a collection of all the garments you love (here my “white” board).
Due to our chilly spring I did not spend so much focus on looks with shorts and summer garments (opposite to last year…) so I simply didn’t realize what a great style was this white shorts combined with this suiting long sleeve blouse.
Finally one day I decided to not just only sew this look but also sew a complete little white collection either.

My research of fabrics mostly starts at Anita Pavani’s shop where many of my mastered fabrics are bought. I strictly feel secure with their descriptions of their fabrics so that I can be pretty sure about the characteristics of the fabric in advance of an eventual purchase. In my case of sewing a collection I ordered a few similar fabrics to built the collection with.

When I studied the picture of the original look I first thought of a crepe silk. But first this would have cost much more money and second when the weather will be quite hot in summer silk soaks even a minimum of sweat so that your garment won’t look very elegant anymore… Exactly this thought lead me to the point when I realized that the look could also be made of linen instead. And this was when I ordered the samples – I ordered some cotton fabrics as well just to compare them and to check if they would be appropriate instead of linen too. Honestly I let the price decide. Normally I first check all the sale positions and the cheap rest pieces in the shop before I decide finally.

In this case this cotton satin was much cheaper than the linen and I very much liked the creamy color instead of pure white. Additionally one of the samples (the one on the right) was so beautiful making me instantly thinking of a very light weight oversize coat with 3/4 sleeves maybe without any lining just very light, whose color was exactly matching the color of the cotton fabric.

Now I already had three pieces for my collection.

Due to the fact that a similar fabric – just in a kind of stripe design – of that cotton was on sale I ordered it too to see if I could either sew the shorts of this stripe fabric and the blouse of the clean one or maybe a dress – not sure at that point, but the two fabrics looked so lovely together… I couldn’t resist.

During another sleepless night – I really am challenged by those nights at the moment – my orange light blue project of last summer came in my mind!!

Ideally this has been in a creamy white shade; it was me who changed the color as I liked to sew a look in orange and light blue those days. 11017866_856206281083299_7140111770391667675_n

So potentially I will sew the same dress of the cotton satin again so that I can switch between the blouse and the dress to complete the shorts – fourth piece of my collection 🙂 Can you imagine how great the dress variation will look with this oversize coat?! This is why I mostly can hardly wait until everything is done…and what makes me sewing like half crazy!

Last but not least I ordered a fabric being in the same shade though completely different textured: a wafer piquĂ©. Currently I don’t know yet what to sew of it, could be a playsuit, could be long wide leg pants,  could be a sweater – I don’t know yet. I just liked this different texture in the same shade.

So this is how it works. It is like a puzzle indeed, one piece requires another or leads to another. If you would only sew one classic and pure little collection per season you might possess the most beautiful garments in your wardrobe you ever dreamed of – and all made by yourself:-)

PS: As soon as my fabrics will be delivered I will shoot a picture of them and show it to you – promised!with love