Sportive all day elegance

IMG_5679Good morning, everybody! I hope you had a great weekend and your week has smoothly started 🙂

Don’t know if I told you about my daughter to be just about to finish her school and her final ceremony with prom to be about to take place in a few weeks – needless to say: a very big thing!
Therefore all the girls of her year already bought their dresses sharing it in a separate group on whatsapp. I can tell you – they are all so excited as if it would be their wedding dress… But would I be different?! No!!! 🙂

Of course, I will sew a dress for my daughter and therefore we created a pinterest board were we both collected ideas since several months already. But rather to make things and decisions more easier everything got more and more complicated instead.
Additionally my daughter also made this hcg diet and lost a lot of weight so that we both decided it to be better go and try some real dresses to see how they fit and how she looks wearing them.
This Saturday we were in Mannheim in the largest fashion stores there and did our research… First it looked like as if we wouldn’t find anything suiting. Every dress my daughter tried looked quite a bit boring or old school – we both did not like them at all. Due to the fact that she told her friends her (famous fashion blogging and sewing 😉 ) mum would sew an extraordinary dress for her the expectations are high enough as to meet them accordingly (at least for me…).
But then we found an enchanting, gorgeous, extremely beautiful evening gown for her! She looked strictly dazzling wearing it – it was by Escada and the price was about 3000€!!! Completely out of reach  – normally!

At this point my daughter clearly understood what my work and intention with my website is: To show other people how they could offer themselves the access to an ideally unreachable world!

In absolutely no way a purchase of a dress for 3000€ would ever be affordable for me! If I wouldn’t know how to sew we would be forced to revert to the dresses my daughter tried at the beginning of our trip. Of course this wouldn’t have meant the end of the world but can you imagine how glad I was -and how much more my daughter – to have this possibility? This is what makes me so happy in my current life. It is like a dream come true…honestly!

When we returned at home I instantly ordered at least 15-20 samples of fabrics I could eventually use for the dress – while looking very much forward to the moment when the work for this exclusive dress will start 🙂 (I will write a sewing dairy about it – promised!)

My DIYs look of the day
Lace pants (DIYs II N°9)
Guido blouse (its sewing diary)
Alternative jeans jacket ( DIYs II N°2) – quite similar to this one by
Ralph Lauren

Lace collar (here a similar one I made)

heels by Biviel (alternative ones by JUICY COUTURE), clutch by Malìparmi (different but suitable as well by GUESS ) – and call it a day 🙂 IMG_5678 IMG_5654 IMG_5702 IMG_5698 IMG_5697 IMG_5695 IMG_5689