How to make a little collection -part II

Those of you who follow me on facebook will have sneaked a first glance on my fabrics having been delivered this week.

Here you are the first picture:

These are my ordered fabrics plus some satin ribbons I ordered as well – just in case “Chanel is calling”…

The very next thing to do – even though you might be impatient and excited about starting to sew right immediately – is to wash all your fabric first! I can tell you – every time when I either was too lazy (though the machine does all the work…) or too impatient I paid the price later after the sewing, after I have spent all that effort and energy …and this is so much annoying indeed.

Last time when this happened was with my glittering pencil skirt. I thought – what should go wrong I will wash the skirt with cold water only while using my very delicate laundry wash I will raffle at the end of June – so don’t forget to subscribe…

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But exactly this skirt being pretty tight at the beginning shrank and almost ended in being too tight. (Now it is already okay as meanwhile I myself shrank quite a bit… 🙂 ) So this is why I highly recommend to always wash your fabrics before you master it.

Here you can see my lovely pictures like for advertising purposes…IMG_5805 IMG_5806

My imagination of the fabric differed to how it looked in reality – so I needed to improvise regarding what will become of them finally. To clear my ideas and my imagination I threw everything on a huge pile adding all suiting fabrics or convenient garments as well supposed to be taken as raw material further on…  This gives me a feeling of how the collection might look like when it will be done.IMG_5809 IMG_5810

Normally I start to check some of my patterns and my according pinterest board – if I prepared one – to see how fabrics and patterns might come together.

Honestly spoken – this time I wasn’t satisfied with all of the fabrics. I liked the one with the big tulips to be turned into an oversize coat with 3/4 sleeves and I liked the wafer optic fabric to sew a similar dress like Giovanna Battaglia wears in red.

But for the two key pieces of this short with this particular blouse I had a different fabric and color as well in my mind. I wanted this look to be more écru or in a light offwhite shade not so much vanilla. You understand?480370103a14d78389802b297e023659

The coat is building a bridge between those two colors (vanilla and offwhite) and the dress of this wafer fabric will match the coat in any way but this short and blouse should rather be lighter and of a different texture/quality of fabric – due to my opinion…

Therefore I additionally went to a fabric shop in Karlsruhe to see if they had a better one – and they had. Though it is no nature fabric (what I normally use) I accepted this compromise due to the fact that the material does not wrinkle at all, the color was right and it is not transparent at all so that I don’t need to add a lining inside. Match!IMG_5896

I quickly washed it as well to come to the next step:

Find the right pattern for the garment. Beside the fabric this is one of the most crucial parts… Many of my garments are mastered only once so that I cannot refer to established patterns but rather need to create new ones instead. This is linked to the risk whether the fitting is different to what I expected – but on the other side ready-to-use patterns not always lead to perfect fittings automatically… I was about to revise a lot of my ready-to-use patterns like my black knit dress (or what do you think why it is called revision dress?? 😉 ) – you remember?

Today I browsed my sewing magazines to do the – maybe final – choice and arranged the little piles and notes so that I can easily get started when I am prepared …(and bold enough…!)IMG_5897IMG_5900

Just in case I am really going to intend to sew the dress of my orange light blue project of last year. I ordered some samples of cream white jerseys. But now it is time to sew at least one of my already bought fabrics – maybe it won’t be necessary to sew another dress…

At the moment I am not yet sure whether I should start with the two key pieces or the coat and dress ?? To start with the coat – which will be sewed due to the beetle jacket but lengthened and with shortened sleeves – means the result should be calculable what would give me the power and courage to develop the rest of the needed patterns – well, we’ll see; what would you do?