Long sleeves plus short pants…

…I strictly love it!IMG_5963

I really thought about not to take pictures of my daily look today because tonight I will go to the opera and therefore will pimp up my look to an elegant evening one later.

In order to that occasion to slip into an elegant dress I revised my New Year’s Eve dress yesterday. Honestly this had cost me some sleepless nights in advance indeed. I knew the dress would have become too loose and I should tighten it so that the fitting would again be slim and exact. To tighten the upper part up to the hips was easy but the thing with those two slits made me some hard nights while thinking about how to revise it perfectly – as this has had been a problem when I first sewed it as well… One night when I imagined how this could go I stood up, tried the dress to see how “big” the problem was – means how much the dress was about to be tightened… at 4.30 in the morning. I know this is completely weird – but this is how I am 😉 But since then I knew I had to revise it basically and so I had the right mindset to do it…

Finally yesterday I got down to work and as I already expected I absolutely didn’t succeed with sewing those slits properly. I really didn’t know how to fix this unless I decided to sew it by hand. Then I separated the complete seams around the downer parts along the slits front and back and attached everything again by hand again. This gave me much more control not to pull the fabric in the wrong direction but rather to let it fall naturally instead and adjust the lining and the upper fabric correctly – I guess this had taken me about two hours – totally worth the effort!
Now the dress fits like my second skin (ladies – I don’t remember when I fit into a size 36 (EU)!! for the last time – I want to proudly show this now indeed 😉 ) and the fabric absolutely falls perfectly!

I guess I will leave a little bit earlier this evening to take some pictures in front of the theater to show this to you tomorrow 🙂

I wish you a very hopefully sunny – though it is currently raining – weekend! Enjoy your time, we’ll see us on Monday again.


My DIYs look of the day consists of
my Marni experiment blouse (DIYs I N°19)
my beetle jacket (DIYs I N°21)

completed by shorts and heels by Schumacher, Shades by DvF. IMG_5957 IMG_5931 IMG_5926 IMG_5923 IMG_5918 IMG_5916 IMG_5912 IMG_5965